A summer of medals

A summer of medals

As coaches we don’t usually get to celebrate multiple medals in different classes, I am lucky to be involved with quite a few in the past couple of

Varsha and Swets

Varsha dn Sweta on the podium at the Asian games 2018

months in multiple classes

The first and most famous one is Varsha and Sweta winning a silver medal at the 2018 Asian games in 49erFX, even though Pete was the main coach of their campaign I was honored to be a part of their development as a team and help them through all the challenges faced in their way, of course they also won a silver medal at the Asian championship held in June at the venue of the Asian games so was a good sign for the future. to read more about their ordeals you can read more on our Toplevel Sailing website www.toplevelsailing.com

The medal I am most proud of belongs to a very promising young sailor from Taiwan who won the world title in the topper class, Hsiang-Feng has been sailing the Laser 4.7 under my guidance since the preparation to the Asian championship in June, and won the world championship held in late August in China. Actually this event was very successful for the entire Taiwan team with the boys (even though having only 2 races so the event didn’t count) sailed at the top with Yu-Lin Yang (Eduard) sailing 2,2 and Channing sailing 9,4 in a fleet

Hsiang- Feng

Hsiang-Feng, topper world champion from Taiwan

of 250 boats. the most encouraging aspect was they have never sailed the topper before the event and were among the fastest boats in the fleet beating sailors who are well trained for many years in that class.

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