China Laser training

China Laser training

Spent the past ten days at a training camp with Ogawa (Laser) and Andrea (Laser Radial) together with the Chinese sailing team at Rizhao,

The Chinese team is among the best in the world in Laser Radial with an Olympic champion (2012) and an Asian games champion (2014), our expectations were to be constantly at the back of the fleet but occasionally Andrea was able to beat Echo for the first lap which was a big sign of her potential. The full rigs are also very good sailors though not as successful as the women, still Ogawa managed to be competitive against them and only lost when he made big mistakes (which happened less and less throughout the camp) also showing a very good sign to his potential

The conditions were mainly light sea breeze with choppy waves which is relatively new to our drivers and it took a while to get up to date with speed both upwind and downwind.

On the tactical side it was mainly pressure driven even though it was the hardest thing to see since the area is pretty foggy and visibility and lighting was far from perfect, (sort of like Abu-Dhabi with poor visibility), how ever both Andrea and Ogawa were able to feel the differences and act accordingly. China training

The main realization for both is how accurate they must be to race in the top levels, how every little mistake will cost quite a lot of distance and how important it is to concentrate on their own boats and plan,

we also got to train a bit on high level and tight starts with the understanding that they must take a low risk position at the start and focus on accurate boat speed immediately after the start as they saw how quick they will get pinned if not.

And just as important – follow your own routines, there is a reason those were developed individually :)

So after learning how to sail for the past few months it was time to learn how to race and I was very pleased with our improvement during this training camp mainly on the mental aspect, both proved they can recover and analyze their races factually in the hardest fleet.

Now we are already in Jakarta with the Entire Taiwan team (including Laser 4.7 and Optimist) preparing for the Asian sailing championship that starts next week with the goal of qualifying for the Asian games (Taiwan has a defined criteria for Asian games participation)

Keep your fingers crossed for us :)




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