My coaching services

I have been coaching various Olympic and youth sailing classes since 2003, Many of those years in Asia. I am a very demanding sailing coach, I love helping sailors achieve their goals and over the years I was able to help many sailors to substantial achievements both in sailing and in other life tasks due to the tools I helped them gain.

I really love and enjoy my work and always try to cover as much subjects as possible during training. I prefer to leave nothing for luck or chance. I am a true believer in process goals and will always have patience to wait for the results to come since there are no shortcuts in this sport. Once the basics have been sorted out the results will follow on and on.

Private coaching:

I am available for private or group coaching:

1. Regatta coaching

2. Coaching at your sailing club or at a specific location you desire

3. Coaching at my base club in Israel (recommended especially during the winter)

Organizations coaching:

I am also available coaching for organizations and sailing Federations. Over the years I have worked with the Israeli Yachting association, Taiwan Yachting Association, East Java sports committee and The Indian Yachting association.

For the full list of my coaching experience visit my Biography section.

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