East Java Indonesia

East Java Indonesia

I spent the past months supervising and coaching the East Java sailing team in Indonesia as part of my role as performance director at the World sailing academy.

And It was great. Yes their initial technical and tactical level was pretty low, but we had a bunch of very talented young (and some old) sailors. we covered a lot of classes: laser radial, 420, 470, fireball and Hobbie 16.

East Java Team

East Java Team Lined Up

We immediately engaged in a full on program and within a month they started showing better rig understanding and tactical aspects which was our priority.

our target event was the PON regatta which is a kind of an Indonesian Olympic games. one sailor per province. not only sailing but also all other sports.

as for the PON regatta here is our teams brief of the event.


We finished the big one with 7 medals from a possible 10, that shrank from 8 medals from a possible 10, as the Fireball got protested out of theirs from a protest that the Jury refused to reopen.

From a previous best of 4 medals, the #EastJava team has definitely showed a marked improvement, and they all appreciate the difference – the team is unrecognisable from 5 months ago. Taking this forward on a positive note, tactically they understood what they needed to do and now it comes down to imposing the discipline to nail those golds!

We’ll take this as a win, and work on the rest.
Keep you posted on #Team East Java!”


Another side goal was to qualify the women 470 team of Chika and Zili to the Asian games 2018. And they pretty much did it with a day to spare. winning races by over 2 minutes lead.

Oh did I mention that the first time these two ever sat on a 470 was in May? prior to that they were both sailing laser Radial. Remarkable!!!!!!!!!

So we had a blast and came back with lots of medals. actually second best province in the medal tally.

East Java Team

East Java Team with all the supporters

To conclude I would like to thank Dipesh for doing such excellent work , my co performance director Pete , Ririn Our East Java Team leader for being the engine that made everything fall into place, my wife for dealing with my long absence and off course to the sailors who made this project fun and super satisfying.

good winds



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