Frequently Asked Questions

Why sail in Ashdod?

Ashdod is famous for its varied sailing conditions. At a given week you can sail in all different sailing conditions.

For Laser sailor’s life is made very easy. Boat rigging is not always necessary since it is possible to leave the boat fully rigged inside the club house. Launching is right of the club,

How do I get to Ashdod?

Flying to Tel-Aviv Ben Gurion Airport. It is a short 25-minute, 150 Shekels taxi drive from Ashdod. Trains go every Hour directly from the Airport with a connection through the Tel-Aviv train Terminal (http://www.rail.co.il/EN/Pages/HomePage.aspx). All major flight companies have weekly or daily flights from Europe and North America. Please check with local travel agencies.

What documents do I need to come in to Israel?

A Passport of course. Depending on your country of origin you may be required to issue a Visa. Please check with your travel agent.

How do I find the Laser Training Center in Ashdod?

Coming from the southern entrance to the Ashdod. Drive west (Follow signs to the Blue Marina Towards the sea) until you reach a large roundabout with big sails statue in the middle of it you will immediately see the Marina in front of you. Take the second exit (going north) until you reach a second small roundabout. Take a left turn. You will see on your right a large building (that’s the club house). After 50 meters another roundabout you take a right and immediately right. In front of you is the entrance to the club house and on your right is a free parking place.

What currency is used in Israel?

The official currency is the New Israeli Shekel (NIS\ILS). Most people find it safe and convenient to bring travelers checks (in their own currency).You can either exchange money at the airport or at the local post office There are also a number of banks and exchange stands to change your checks or cash into Shekels. Visas, MasterCard, Euro Card and most credit cards are accepted at most hotels, restaurants and gift shops. ATMs are also available in all banks in case you wish to withdraw cash.

What is the Electricity system in Israel?

The electrical current is 220V; with Europe plug (jack) design.

What is the area code to call Israel\Ashdod?

Country Area code is 972 and Local code in Ashdod is 8. So if you are calling from out of Israel you dial +9728.

Where can I get connected to the Internet?

Most hotels offer Internet service. There is also free Wi-Fi at the club house.

What can my family do while I sail?

Israel is a very popular destination for families. You can go to Local Spa’s or take daily trips to Jerusalem, Masada, The Dead Sea and much more.

Any special recommendations while vacationing in Israel?

Remember Israel is a semi arid area. So it might get pretty warm even during the winter. Drink a lot of water (tap is also good) and wear sun screen since UV radiation can be pretty intense.

What kind of weather should I expect?

We are in a semi arid country, during winter ( December- February) we get the occasional low pressure storms with strong winds and rain (and off course waves). It might get cold (10-12 Degrees) but usually it is around 20 degrees. Most days are light sea breeze of 10-12 knots. Since we are a sunny country you can try paddle-boarding, surfing kite boarding and windsurfing. You can also work on your fitness by cycling and running.

Are there any doctors or hospitals in Ashdod?

There are a few emergency medical facilities across the city and off course Doctors are available in all the public clinics. The closest hospital is a 25 minutes drive at the moment but a local Hospital will be operating by the end of 2012.

Can I rent a car?

For those who want to tour the country, rental cars can be reserved in advance with Avis, Budget, SIXT and a variety of car rental agencies. Cars can be picked up at the Airport. A passport and valid driver’s license are required.

What public transportation is available?

Taxi, Buses and trains a pretty reliable. I suggest renting bicycle for easy transportation.

Where can I rent Bicycle?

You can either rent or buy a descent pair of bicycle from any of the large bicycle dealers in Israel. Google it or just contact me and I will be more then happy to assist you.

Are there any supermarkets in Ashdod?

For those who like to cook in. There are at least 4 Large Supermarkets at the north part of the city (called the compound) only 5 minutes walk from the hotels area.

What do charter Lasers include?

Charter boats include hull, mast, boom, rudder assembly, centerboard, top and bottom covers, a combo bag and dolly. All Laser hulls have a hiking strap, mainsheet block, deck pulleys and outhaul/Cunningham cleats.  Please bring with you, sail, battens, tiller with extension, traveler line with blocks, main sheet, complete Cunningham and outhaul systems with the blocks, compass if you use one, bungee cord for the centerboard, and life jacket.

When is the best time for training?

Israel is a good training venue all year round but we mainly operate during the winter (October- March) since after that all major events are taking place around the world and mainly Europe.

How many sailors can train simultaneously?

The desired training group size is 6 sailors. There is also a limited amount of charter boats available.

Payment policy

For training in Israel a 300 euro non refundable deposit is required in order to save your spot. all other payments should be made at least 7 days before the beginning of each training camp.

For International events a 300 Euro non refundable deposit is required in order to save your spot. All other payments must be finalised at least 21 days before the beginning of the event. in case of cancelation 50% of the whole amount will be refunded.