Indian 49er FX

Indian 49er FX


I had the pleasure of starting up the Tokyo 2020 Olympic campaign training for the Indian 49er FX team of Varsha Gautham with her new crew Shweta Shervegar.

49er FX

That was Shweta's third day on the boat

Varsha is an Asian games medalist in 29er at 2014 as well as being top ten at the 49er junior worlds in that same year. She was mainly working with Pete as her coach but as part of the WSA we decided to mix things up for a bit and spent 2 weeks in Israel training with the old rig. The old rig is a lot harder to sail since the mast is much heavier and the sails are less forgiving, especially the kite which tends to pitch pole when it gets windy.

Since it was Shweta’s first time on the 49er We were focusing on her getting to know how the boat behaved. From Varsha’s point it took her learning how differently the boat behaves with a heavy crew on it. So I had a lot of opportunities to jump in the boat substituting Shweta every time it got too windy for her or she got tired and that enabled me to show Varsha how and why theb oat behaves differently and how forgiving it can get. Off course ripping the Tel-Aviv coast line in over 18 knots was a lot of fun for me as well :)

I must say I was very Impressed with Shweta who in only 3 days on the boat managed to sail in 14 knots with out a single capsize, lots of confidence and it has a lot to do with Varsha’s abilities to both sail the boat but also give Shweta enough confidence to keep going. Shweta as we¬† discovered has a very good eye for the tell tales and can spot pressure very easily which is essential for a good crew.


Thats me crewing for Varsha

So now that the hard bit is covered the team is now working on fitness and their communication as a team. Frankly I am looking forward to my next batch of coaching these two as it really felt good to see them clicking it on as a team and improving so rapidly.

Very busy times at WSA but I will keep updating.

Good winds




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