Winning medals

published in: Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Helping you winning medals

As part of my role at world sailing academy I have been busy with helping two of the biggest sailing clubs in Israel get back on track

Hapoel Tel-Aviv sailing clubHapoel Tel-Aviv sailing club

I have been closely supervising the development of coaches and sailors of that club. we ran two very successful and productive coach training seminars and followed up on improvement. and the success train has arrived. after many years of barely scraping the podium the club squads took part in the biggest winter event in the middle east and I was glad to see them winning medals again achieving 2 winners, 4 silvers and 3 bronze medals in Optimist, 420, Bic techno 6.8, 7.8 and RSX 8.5. this just reassured us as to how quickly our coach training methods are showing results.

Bnei Herzeliya sailing clubBnei Herzeliya

I was asked to run a training camp and coach training for their Laser squad, after working on some key technical skills the overall speed improved significantly as well as their coache’s understanding as to his role and what to focus on, I left them with some points to focus on in the coming weeks until my next visit an they have been following them closely .Their squad also took part in that same event and had an incredible improvement to their performance compared to their previous event ( as seen in the graphs)


Bnei Herzeliya

Taiwan National Games

published in: Sunday, 1 October 2017

Taiwan National Games

I will start with the end result, our team achieved 5 out of 6 gold medals at the Taiwan national games

We started working with Yilan team back in 2016, initially we sent Umesh, since the rest of us was busy with the East Jawa preparations for the PON games in Indonesia. Umesh was the first who showed them when can be done.Celebrating

Later on Pete and Myself went for a few weeks coaching the entire team and then I came back for a dedicated preparation for the National games team during September.

The amount of talent in this group is huge, The athletes are highly dedicated, trained hard and never complained even though we worked really really hard.

The parents of the Yilan club are probably the X factor in it all. everybody is volunteering and helping and doing whatever possible to get things done. This leads to a great atmosphere of cooperation and the TEAM is above all.

The language barrier was


sometimes notable but luckily Mr. Chiang the head of the club and Sunny were there to support the entire process, we wouldn’t have achieved such success without them.


Now our Optimist team is already in Hong Kong for the IODA Asians so am very eager to get news once

their racing starts.

Good winds

Taiwan Optimist team IODA Asians

Taiwan Optimist team IODA Asians




WSA Coaching Hong-Kong

published in: Tuesday, 21 March 2017

WSA Coaching Hong-Kong

As a part of my work for WSA we recently started coaching a very talented sailor from Hong Kong Jackie Truhol

After Pete trained Jackie Last month in Malaysia, I spent the past 2 weeks coaching Jackie here in Israel. We hit it off very well and I really enjoyed coaching her. a very promising and talented sailor.
Jackie is a very talented and efficient athlete, no time was wasted on the water and all but one day we achieved and exceeded the sessions goals.

Aspects that we covered in her training here was: sail shape and sail trim, center of effort and boat balance to minimize rudder movements, bow steering, how to use a compass, how to effectively pump, how to plan a strategy, how to follow and practice routines, built a fitness program.
Within a very short period of time Jackie improved her speed significantly, She now understands how and why the sail and boat behave and interact, she knows how to use her compass successfully, she knows how to pump effectively and help the boat maintain speed.
All these she had no idea about prior to this!.

What we learnt from training Jackie is a talented sailor with no solid base of knowledge will ever achieve their potential. its a great idea to take inspiration from around you, look at what the top sailors are upto, understand what they are doing differently, and then get yourself a coach who can make it easy for you to understand HOW AND WHY you need specific techniques to be fast and win.

To finish up we had a splendid 20+ knots waves we dedicated to improve her reaching, Watch the video and you can imagine the big smile on her face at the end of it :)

Jackie is now off to the UK for some uni meetings and then a week training with Pete followed by the UK youth nationals in Hayling Island.

Wish them both all the best and hopefully we can get Jackie to a level contending for a medal at the Asian games

Good winds


Indian 49er FX

published in: Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Indian 49er FX


I had the pleasure of starting up the Tokyo 2020 Olympic campaign training for the Indian 49er FX team of Varsha Gautham with her new crew Shweta Shervegar.

49er FX

That was Shweta's third day on the boat

Varsha is an Asian games medalist in 29er at 2014 as well as being top ten at the 49er junior worlds in that same year. She was mainly working with Pete as her coach but as part of the WSA we decided to mix things up for a bit and spent 2 weeks in Israel training with the old rig. The old rig is a lot harder to sail since the mast is much heavier and the sails are less forgiving, especially the kite which tends to pitch pole when it gets windy.

Since it was Shweta’s first time on the 49er We were focusing on her getting to know how the boat behaved. From Varsha’s point it took her learning how differently the boat behaves with a heavy crew on it. So I had a lot of opportunities to jump in the boat substituting Shweta every time it got too windy for her or she got tired and that enabled me to show Varsha how and why theb oat behaves differently and how forgiving it can get. Off course ripping the Tel-Aviv coast line in over 18 knots was a lot of fun for me as well :)

I must say I was very Impressed with Shweta who in only 3 days on the boat managed to sail in 14 knots with out a single capsize, lots of confidence and it has a lot to do with Varsha’s abilities to both sail the boat but also give Shweta enough confidence to keep going. Shweta as we  discovered has a very good eye for the tell tales and can spot pressure very easily which is essential for a good crew.


Thats me crewing for Varsha

So now that the hard bit is covered the team is now working on fitness and their communication as a team. Frankly I am looking forward to my next batch of coaching these two as it really felt good to see them clicking it on as a team and improving so rapidly.

Very busy times at WSA but I will keep updating.

Good winds




East Java Indonesia

published in: Wednesday, 5 October 2016

East Java Indonesia

I spent the past months supervising and coaching the East Java sailing team in Indonesia as part of my role as performance director at the World sailing academy.

And It was great. Yes their initial technical and tactical level was pretty low, but we had a bunch of very talented young (and some old) sailors. we covered a lot of classes: laser radial, 420, 470, fireball and Hobbie 16.

East Java Team

East Java Team Lined Up

We immediately engaged in a full on program and within a month they started showing better rig understanding and tactical aspects which was our priority.

our target event was the PON regatta which is a kind of an Indonesian Olympic games. one sailor per province. not only sailing but also all other sports.

as for the PON regatta here is our teams brief of the event.


We finished the big one with 7 medals from a possible 10, that shrank from 8 medals from a possible 10, as the Fireball got protested out of theirs from a protest that the Jury refused to reopen.

From a previous best of 4 medals, the #EastJava team has definitely showed a marked improvement, and they all appreciate the difference – the team is unrecognisable from 5 months ago. Taking this forward on a positive note, tactically they understood what they needed to do and now it comes down to imposing the discipline to nail those golds!

We’ll take this as a win, and work on the rest.
Keep you posted on #Team East Java!”


Another side goal was to qualify the women 470 team of Chika and Zili to the Asian games 2018. And they pretty much did it with a day to spare. winning races by over 2 minutes lead.

Oh did I mention that the first time these two ever sat on a 470 was in May? prior to that they were both sailing laser Radial. Remarkable!!!!!!!!!

So we had a blast and came back with lots of medals. actually second best province in the medal tally.

East Java Team

East Java Team with all the supporters

To conclude I would like to thank Dipesh for doing such excellent work , my co performance director Pete , Ririn Our East Java Team leader for being the engine that made everything fall into place, my wife for dealing with my long absence and off course to the sailors who made this project fun and super satisfying.

good winds



A New Beginning

published in: Friday, 17 June 2016

A New Beginning


After a much needed time at home, clearing my head and working on future plans its time for a new beginning.

I had a very relaxed time mainly just coaching the local boys and spending time with my son.

As I am now a performance director at the World Sailing Academy  I am now off to our very exciting project in Indonesia coaching the East Java Sailing team.

We have a group of very enthusiastic sailors in several classes, backed by a very supporting staff and management.

So far they have been improving fitness and boat tuning so my role is to have a more accurate look at their techniques, improve the fitness aspects and start some tactical and strategical aspects of sailing with the team.

A new beginningAs my colleagues who have already been coaching them showed me they have a great team spirit which has a very positive effect on performance. and our mission is to achieve as many gold medals as possible in their national selection event held in September.

I am very excited to start this new chapter of coaching , a new place, new culture and some very promising future prospects among this group.

Off course i will send some pictures from paradise so this one is just an appetizer :)

Good winds

Laser worlds 2016

published in: Monday, 25 April 2016

Laser worlds 2016

The laser worlds 2016 for laser radial was a great event. The bay of Banderas in Mexico provided us with some great sailing, combined with the great atmosphere the sailors and coaches had it was just perfect.

I was coaching 3 sailors, Pia Kuhlmann from Germany, Aoife Hopkins from Ireland and Nethra Kumanan from India.

Laser worlds 2016

Pia in action

We sailed 4 days of qualifying rounds followed by 3 days of finals.

And off course the weather in training was different than in racing. What should have been a 10-15 knots sea breeze happened to be 6-8 knots sea breeze struggling to settle in against clouds formed on the mountains around.

Qualifying rounds went bad except for Aoife who had some really good races including a couple of top tens , missing out on gold fleet by an abandoned race. She kept on sailing very consistently throughout the final rounds. She eventually finished 43 and for a 17 year old sailor in her first senior worlds it was great to see her racing head to head with the world’s best sailors. 

Pia managed to recover from her bad qualifiers and sailed the finals very consistently within the top ten, moved up 20 places in 6 races to finish 48th which made the coach really happy.

Nethra couldn’t find her speed even though in training she was much faster than most of the fleet.

The trip home was long and combined with jetlag required about 3days recovery. Hence my delay.

Next up for me is Kiel week, so see you out there

Good winds

Asian olympic qualifiers

published in: Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Asian olympic qualifiers


The 2016 Asian olympic qualifiers didn’t turn as we expected.

Even though being the fastest boat in the fleet. Nethra wasn’t handling the pressure too well and was making big mistakes that cost her a lot of points.

She pulled some magnificent comebacks from bad starts and big mistakes, was winning quite a few of the races. Including the medal race with a big mistake near the second top mark that dropped her to 3rd and then a yellow flag near the finish line that cost her two more places.

Event results

Finishing 7th overall, that actually leave us good prospect for the future. Asian olympic qualifiers

As disappointed as I guess we both feel with the outcome of this campaign, as I look at the distance we made. I took her in 2 years ago, no experience in sailing, no fitness, pretty much fresh off the street sort to say. Achieving such high level of sailing, fitness and speed. One can only be proud.

Now what’s left is to learn how to better deal with pressure and get comfortable with racing in the top half of the fleet.

I would like to take the chance and thank all those who have been a part of this journey so far :

My family, Adi and Tomer first who guarded the castle while I was away, my parents and sisters.

Nethra for giving me such a hard time but also the opportunity to become a better coach. Kumanan family as a whole for their unconditional support . Pete Conway for spotting her and for all his advice and support. Sailing club in Ashdod for being a home,sylvan in particular , and off course all the sailors that were involved in the past two years. Roie, Dan, Omer, Karyna, Rhiannon, Anya, Pia, Aishwarya, Varsha, Ali, if I am forgetting anyone please don’t shoot me.


Now a bit of rest, next week boys have a selection event in Eilat, then off to Mexico for the worlds.

Good winds

Regatta De Carnaval 2016

published in: Monday, 15 February 2016

Regatta De Carnaval 2016

This years Regatta De Carnaval in Gran Canaria was pretty much the toughest event we could ask for as a preparation event.

Regatta De Carnaval 2016

Photo by Alberto Sanchez

All the top laser radial sailors training for the Europeans taking place here in 2 weeks coupled by very challenging conditions.

Both the boys Omer and Roie made gold fleet. Had some very good races and found themselves racing against the top girls which gave them confidence. Omer was really fast on the runs and Roie was enjoying good speed on the beats. 

The girls were both in silver fleet. Nethra was improving from race to race, had good speed mostly and improved her downwinds magnificently especially on the last day making some huge gains in the last couple of races. Anya was also making huge steps making good decisions.

Full results can be found on

Today we are on another training session with Irish and Swiss teams and tomorrow back home. 

Next stop is the Asian championship in Abu Dhabi which is Nethra’s qualifiers for Rio 2016 Olympic games, so the heat is on


Good winds

Laser radial women worlds 2015

published in: Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Laser radial women worlds 2015


So what have I been upto in past 3 months

We had the Laser radial women worlds 2015 in Oman where I was coaching Nethra Kumanan from India.

Laser radial women worlds 2015

Nethra in one of her good races rounding 15th

Oman proved to be a great sailing venue, we had great conditions and enjoyed a good vibe from the fleet. On the sailing side our performance wasn’t so bright, bad starts and overall comfort zone led to some very bad races in qualifying. But then picked up the pace in finals and had some midfleet results. 91 overall and OK for her first senior worlds.

World Sailing Academy

Action in Cyprus

Later on I went for a 2 weeks training camp in Cyprus where I was coaching two very promising young British girls, Anya and Rhiannon as well as Omer Golani. We enjoyed great sailing conditions and managed to cover as many aspects as I planned. Improving speed and tactical aspects as well as long cycling trips up the mountains and fitness in the gym. I was very pleased when received news from Anya that she have been giving Isaf youth worlds medalist some very tough time at one of their local qualifiers, just shows her potential.

World Sailing Academy

Boys at 1,2 & 3

After I got back home we had a selection event for the full rig squad. All my radial boys were on fire and on the first race finished 1,2&3 with Dan winning it and Omer in second. The next race Omer continued to dominate and won the race, Roie in 5th. On the last one Omer was a solid third then risked it all on second beat to drop to 11th, still winning the day.

Second day got windy and combined with a capsize and a few small mistakes only managed to sail sevens in all three races. Still just 8 points from winning and two more days to be sailed next weekend looking strong.

Past couple of weeks we have been focusing on strategy and it is going great. We also had some bad weather at parts with a couple of big storms so gave us time to shape up on fitness and it seems like Nethra is on a roll, really pushing herself hard.

Next stop is the carnival regatta in Las Palmas which is Nethra’s last preparation event before her Asian championship in March taking place in Abu Dhabi

So will be updating from there

Good winds