March 2014 – Laser 4.7

published in: Sunday, 23 March 2014

March 2014 – Laser 4.7

Since the month is almost over It is time to update

I will not be at Palma world cup unfortunately due to some unexpected issues, so all that left is to wish Sophie best of luck and try to support her as much as i can from a far

Since this is the situation i dedicated the past weeks to my local Laser 4.7 team and to Jonathan in Laser radial

I think at this point of the season the kids are at a very good pace and really performing well

We had a local selection event a week ago in which the boys sailed very good

Roei finished it 3rd and was sailing very consistent in some very tricky conditions

Omer ended up 4th and this time showed great maturity coming from the back of the fleet on several occasions and was definitely the fastest boat on the runs making more then 15 boats on the final race and making huge gains throughout the event

Dan was struggling with the Choppy waters and couldnt develop his speed upwind

The girls were far from their top performance and ended up 15 and 16 overall (3 and 4 in the girls) just for comparison in the previous event they were 6 and 8 overall and 1,2 at the girls so we got a lot of mental preparation ahead of us

Laser radialAt the Radials Jonathan ended up 2nd. he sailed some good races and some bad ones. but in those tricky conditions of Eilat and a small radial fleet it was expected. how ever he lost winning the event due to a small yet big mistake on race 7. in which he was chasing the boat who won the event that managed to break a head early after the start. but he had better speed and kept on gaining on it as long as he went with it (they basically came from 7,8 after the first beat into 3,4 after the second beat) at that point Jonathan decided to go right on the run and the other boat went left got a gust and gained 100 meters on him. which basically sealed to deal. so a bit of disappointment there but overall a pretty descent event

Next up we got the youth nationals which is a big deal here and hopefully (after last years break) I will be celebrating some youth champions again :)

Then I am going with the 4.7 team to the Garda Europa cup so April is looking like a pretty interesting month for me

Anyhow I will still be available for coaching some training camps and events

So hope to see some of you in the near future

Best winds



Feb 2014 – Laser radial

published in: Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Feb 2014 – Laser radial

Its been an exciting month for me

after spending quite a lot of time at home with my baby boy and concentrating on my local team

The month started with Charles Campion coming for another week of excellent training and we had some really great weather and great sessions

Followed by my club hosting the full rig and radial nationals with some nice guests in the radial fleet Tatiana (BLR) and Paulina (POL)

Laser radial

Nethra and Gil lined up

Then i received a new young talent from India on laser radial Nethra Kumanan who spent here 2 weeks of training in which we went over a lot of tactical issues and a bit of boat handling and i hope she had learned enough to win her local events

And ended up with me starting to Work with Gil Cohen (ex 470 Olympian) who started her laser radial Olympic campaign

So things are looking pretty good as we look into the next few months of events

Next up is Palma world cup with some radials

Will keep updating


Laser Masters

published in: Monday, 18 November 2013

Laser Masters

I had the pleasure of doing a week of coaching for Charles Campion

A British Laser masters sailor

He basically came here to improve his downwind speed before the worlds in Oman in 2 weeks time

This is the first time i coached master sailors and i must say i really enjoyed myself

Laser Masters

I know quite of few Olympians who can take lessons from this guy about motivation and aspiring to improve.

Within a week Charles managed to make a huge leap in his boat speed both upwind and downwind and i am glad i could help him

The only thing left now is to keep fingers crossed for him at the worlds

Good winds

Laser sailing – Bober Regatta

published in: Sunday, 22 September 2013

Laser sailing – Bober Regatta

This week i coached my Local team from Ashdod at the Bober Regatta

2 sailors in full rigs and 9 sailors in Laser 4.7

Laser 4.7

It was maybe the longest 3 days event i have ever coached with 8 hours on the water every day but it was a good event

Jonathan came back to himself after a little break to recover from last season and even though didnt sail too bright came up in 2nd showing good recovery ability when ever he fell behind the fleet

Arie is still improving and on the 3rd day which was a bit windy at parts was the fastest boat going upwind. we still need to improve his downwind speed during racing but we are getting there

The laser 4.7 was a huge success this week although it was a bit disappointing at the end.

Roie was leading the event from the first day but dropped to 3rd due to bad beginnings to the last five races. in all of them he started off at the bottom of the fleet and always managed to pull back to the leaders but never managed to pass them. his worst race was 7th but it wasnt enough to win. He was the fastest boat downwind catching up hundreds of meters on each run. the only time he had good starts he won the races by a lot.

Noa finished 6th overall and winner of the girls sailed a very consistent event. all races well in the top 10. absolutely brilliant.

Dan was the big surprise of the event. and was winning the event after 4 races. with 68 Kg he was one of the fastest boats going downwind. his weekest part was the starts. too many mistakes but always managed to catch back to around the top 10 which saved his ass to finish 7th overall.

Romi was also sailing brilliantly and finished 8th overall and 2nd in girls. Having a

black flag on race 4 and a bad 2nd race put her behind. but with 3 races in 3rd and great recoveries from bad starts had her best event so far.

Omer had some good races (top 3) and some medium races (top 10) due to bad decisions he made but his downside was 2 black flags which mean he fell way behind. the 2 nd black flag was maybe his biggest mistake of the event since he took a huge risk on the starting line and was very close to the race committee boat.

As for thee others. noam started the event very well in light winds and was winning the girls at the first day but when it started blowing she couldnt keep up with the rest. Noa had good speed and bad starts and she is still not experienced enough to catch up but on the last 2 races pulled everything together and sailed 2 top ten races

This event gave us confidence on our way and gave us pointers that needs to be worked on

Now a bit of rest and then planning the next training camps and events

Good winds



Laser sailing downwind – the secret of rocking

published in: Thursday, 29 August 2013

Laser sailing downwind – the secret of rocking

Many laser sailors claim to be slow sailing downwind especially in light/medium winds while some seems to go super fast (I had the same problem when just started until i got a good lesson from Gustavo Lima)

so how can we solve this problem?

As seen in the video it looks pretty simple and actually it just takes some proper training to achieve good downwind speed (the reason its in zoom is because whenever i come close to video Roie he screws it up, but he is super fast downwind and very accurate in working)

The first rule in downwind laser sailing is to steer with out moving the rudder. since rudder movements create turbulence in the water it slows the boat down. so first of all make sure you luff up with a leeward heel and bare away with a windward heel

the second thing is you are allowed by rule 42 to rock the boat as long as your boat changes its angle (so the heel is used for steering)

The most important part of it is you are also allowed to pump during the phase the boat is transferring from a leeward heel to a windward heel. That creates a huge pump both of the mast and the boom moving simultaneously

So the basics are:

luff up using leeward heel before the boat slows down completely

sheet in

keep the boat in leeward heel until you spot the right place on the wave to pump

rock the boat hard to windward heel (best is to stretch your butt out and keep the shoulders slightly in) while gently pumping the main sheet

wait until you have bared away half the way before letting the main sheet off and stopping it abruptly (that will add another legal pump by the boom)

keep baring away until you sail by the lee (you will feel the boat slowing down and then accelerating again)

during all that time after the initial pump try keeping your body weight forward to help the bow roll down the wave

luff back up in time so to keep the boats speed

important pointers: in the beginning look at your rudder while using the heels to make sure it is not moving too much

And thats about as much as i can explain it in writing

good winds


windward heel – the real story

published in: Monday, 19 August 2013

windward heel – the real story

I have encountered many sailors who when asked how do you know you are going fast upwind replies by “feeling pressure on the rudder”

You might ask what is so wrong with that? well for those of you who knows their way around physics and are accustomed with the Bernoulli law which teaches us that when pressure increases velocity decreases and vice verse, the answer should be very simple.

When i feel pressure on my rudder it means that the rudder is creating turbulence in the water which leads to more friction and reduces my speed. in order to achieve top speed i must then eliminate these turbulence and achieve better water flow around the rudder.Laser radial

This can be achieved by either opening the leech (that will reduce luffing up power) or by bringing the sail over the centerboard I.E heeling the boat to windward which as well will cause the boat to generally bear away or not luff up any more. off course in more advanced boats we can find other ways to achieve this but the fundamental basis is the same. reduce rudder pressure and achieve better speed.

This rule applies to almost every sailboat in the world, from single handed dinghies to skiffs to windsurfing and conservative double handed such as 420 and 470.

Now a new question will rise. IF i have an open leech and no pressure on the rudder why is it still better to heel the boat to windward?

The answer will be the centerboard. for as much lift is created by the airflow on the sail which causes my boat to sail forward a lift in the opposite direction is caused by the water flow on my centerboard. so basically if the centerboard is slightly angled using the windward heel it creates a better lift hence sucking the boat upwind.

So how much heel should i have? to start with you want to use a heel big enough so there is no pressure on the rudder. whats the best way to know it enough? simply leave the rudder. if the boat goes in a straight line you are there. if it luffs up you need more heel and if it bears away you need less heel. later on you can trim your sail to further open or close the leech or smooth up the airflow on the sail.

Going downwind goes under the exact same terms. trying to achieve as little pressure on the rudder as possible so the boat goes in a straight line.

So the next time you go sailing. think of pressure and find ways to eliminate bad pressure

Best winds



Bic Techno 293 Europeans coaching

published in: Sunday, 4 August 2013

Bic Techno 293 Europeans coaching

I will be available for coaching at the Bic Techno 293 Europeans in Eilat Israel

Except my vast knowledge of the Venue in Eilat which Is very unique and I know for many years, I would also be offering a complete package including AccommodationBic techno 293

Among the windsurfers i coached along the years you will find Noga Geller (Bic 293 world medalist), Mayan Rafic (Youth Olympic games champion) and many more.

So the plan is as follow

25.10.2013 arrival (and training if possible)

26-28.10.2013 training and registration

29.10-2.11.2013 Racing

3.11.2013 departure

For more details contact me


Laser training camps

published in: Sunday, 21 July 2013

Laser training camps

As every year this winter i will be also hosting my usual training camps for the laser class (4.7 , Radial, Full rig)

Training months are November 2013- February 2014

The camps are built on a 1 week  basis with 6 days of training per week (Friday – Wednesday, Thursday free in which we can go sightseeing). We will work on your fitness as well as all necessary sailing skills needed to reach the top.

Laser radial

Coaching Laura Baldwin (GBR) at the Delta Lloyd regatta

You can come for a week or stay for an entire month

I am offering laser charters and accommodation for competitive prices

Join my multinational group of sailors and take advantage of the best coaching available and one of the best sailing venues in Europe (allowing all sailing conditions)

Complete schedule will be available soon

for more details contact


Laser Radial World ranking

published in: Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Laser Radial World ranking

I am proud to say that Phimi (Sophie-Marie Ertelt) just made top 20 at the ISAF world ranking in Laser Radial.

She is the second youngest sailor in the top 20 (20 years old) and first German by a respectable gap

Next up for her is the U21 Laser radial worlds

Good luck ;) Sophie-Marie Ertelt

Charter boats Balaton Laser worlds 2013

published in: Friday, 21 June 2013

Charter boats Balaton Laser worlds 2013

As it turned out we still have boats available for charter at the Balaton laser worlds

  • Motor boat VSR 5.2 available for both events (4.7 worlds 6-13.7 and U21 worlds 14-21.7)
  • 6 Australian Laser boats are available for carter at the U21 laser worlds 14-21.7 (radial or full rig)

Contact if you are interested

Good winds