Taiwan National Games

Taiwan National Games

I will start with the end result, our team achieved 5 out of 6 gold medals at the Taiwan national games

We started working with Yilan team back in 2016, initially we sent Umesh, since the rest of us was busy with the East Jawa preparations for the PON games in Indonesia. Umesh was the first who showed them when can be done.Celebrating

Later on Pete and Myself went for a few weeks coaching the entire team and then I came back for a dedicated preparation for the National games team during September.

The amount of talent in this group is huge, The athletes are highly dedicated, trained hard and never complained even though we worked really really hard.

The parents of the Yilan club are probably the X factor in it all. everybody is volunteering and helping and doing whatever possible to get things done. This leads to a great atmosphere of cooperation and the TEAM is above all.

The language barrier was


sometimes notable but luckily Mr. Chiang the head of the club and Sunny were there to support the entire process, we wouldn’t have achieved such success without them.


Now our Optimist team is already in Hong Kong for the IODA Asians so am very eager to get news once

their racing starts.

Good winds

Taiwan Optimist team IODA Asians

Taiwan Optimist team IODA Asians




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