Eshed Meseritz has coached our Laser sailing team for 5 years since 2011, Turned our laser sailing team into the leading team in the country. During his work as a coach, lead our Laser sailing team to great achievements among them winning the Israeli nationals both for men and women, as well as winning many important events. Our club sailors under Eshed’s coaching are in the top 10 in many Laser Europa cups and international events and Eshed’s role in their success is cardinal. Our laser sailing team sailors under Eshed’s coaching are regularly members of the national team. Eshed has a wealth of knowledge and experience in sailing and coaching and posses the ability to make the most and bring the best out of his sailors. Eshed Managed on a regular basis to transform our clubs Optimist sailors into successful Laser sailors, Eshed showed great dedication and care both to his sailors and the clubs management.

Ashdod Sep 2016

Eshed is an  extremely straightforward, precise, hard working, sincere, caring, hospitable, direct, helpful, keen coach  who
pushes hard enough to get improvement and not too hard and has taught me so much about myself over the two years that I’ve been training with him. He has a really good eye for anything that could improve your sailing. He respects and works on all aspects of an athletes sailing career, not just the sailing itself, but the mental and physical as well, enabling the best possible outcome, which is all a sailor can require from a coach. His knowledge, keen eye and logical approach to every day makes for fun, effective training and I would definitely recommend him to any sailor out there.

Nethra Kumanan (IND) April 2016

For the first few weeks of training , he pushesd me hard, but only to the point where he could watch my mistakes, watch how I handle pressure, grip what makes me tick what makes me break.
He patiently helped me understand myself, my habits and I am finally starting to understand the sailor I am and have an image on the sailor I will becomKaryna Manuel e.
He is the only coach that ever taught me correct sailing techniques, fundamental sailing basics and setting the right attitude in decision making, basically taught me risk management.
He made me fast very fast in strong winds after years of being told I am too small for a laser.
He has an understanding When he is not seeing the attitude he knows he should, and that I just need that something extra to wake me up from a negative mind-set to give that extra push. The right word or a harsh commanding tone or shout.
He also gave me a chance to experience the real campaigning lifestyle including intense fitness sessions, theoretical discussions and taught me how to manage my campaign efficiently.

Karyna Manuel Team GBR

Rhiannon Massey

I started working with Eshed in May 2015 before the Delta Lloyd Regatta. Eshed hadvery direct feedback and his straight talking meant you knew where youstood, He really helped build my confidence even after not such good days he would always have positive comments as well as explaining where I went wrong. On a personal level Eshed is easy to talk to and approach. He will always give his honest opinion on things. It is good to try a different approach to coaching sometimes and I found it very constructive.  I am very much interested in working more with Eshed in the future

Rhiannon Massey (GBR) 2015

Israeli Yachting associationIn the past 5 years Eshed served as the coach of our Laser youth national team to European and world championships and was very successful in his work. mainly when his team returned with Gold and bronze for girls in Laser radial at 2010. and reached a top 10 result in 4.7 boys at 2012. We highly appreciate Eshed’s coaching and personal abilities and would warmly recommend him as a sailing coach


Israeli Yachting Association (September 2012)

Laser Masters I appreciate both your abilities & diligence, For me yours was a good approach with enough explanation coupled with experimentation (e.g. sailing without a rudder) to demonstrate the reasons & validity of what was trying to be achieved & what benefits might result. I wish I had found you earlier but never mind it is definitely my intention to return



Charles Campion (GBR) 2013

Gautama DuttaEshed Meseritz is a young and focussed sailing coach. He was involved with the coaching of my sons Upamanyu and Aryaman and other kids of the Royal Bombay Yacht Club in the Optimist class from June to Oct 2011. The kids learnt a lot under Eshed’s guidance and have been performing well in regattas in India

Gautama Dutta – Royal Bombay Yacht Club

Sailing coachI left Breitenbrunn with a little bit of hurry on 6 PM yesterday and I didn’t saw you to say you save trip! XD
It has been really nice to see you again and share coach job on the water in the Europeans. Again, I’ve learned a lot from your opinions, methods and tricks..I’ve enjoyed a lot in the water and also ashore. Hope to be one day the great coach you are!! Many thanks for all , it’s a pleasure to know you.

Bernat Gali – Spanish team laser 4.7 coach

sail coachRohini has made great progress under this new coach (Eshed) who have actually pulled her upto 57 % of a world Championship fleet. This is an extremely encouraging performance and goes to show what a decent coach can do. Her previous results at the world championship show she was at 88%. A 31 % improvement is a great sign in two and a half months.

Davy Jones – India

Rohini RauEshed started coaching me in March 2012 He was able to explain things well, had great video analysis and his sailing sessions were fun and different. I loved it that he went cycling with me every day to improve my fitness, It was great motivation. Eshed is easy to talk to and i really loved his family as well. on the proffesional level Eshed made me tactical wiser and improved my starts.The bottom line is that whithin 3 months of hard work Eshed lead me to my best ever result at a world championship, I came 10th at the silver fleet which was 77th overall and almost managed to qualify for London 2012.


Rohini Rau 2012