Winning medals

Helping you winning medals

As part of my role at world sailing academy I have been busy with helping two of the biggest sailing clubs in Israel get back on track

Hapoel Tel-Aviv sailing clubHapoel Tel-Aviv sailing club

I have been closely supervising the development of coaches and sailors of that club. we ran two very successful and productive coach training seminars and followed up on improvement. and the success train has arrived. after many years of barely scraping the podium the club squads took part in the biggest winter event in the middle east and I was glad to see them winning medals again achieving 2 winners, 4 silvers and 3 bronze medals in Optimist, 420, Bic techno 6.8, 7.8 and RSX 8.5. this just reassured us as to how quickly our coach training methods are showing results.

Bnei Herzeliya sailing clubBnei Herzeliya

I was asked to run a training camp and coach training for their Laser squad, after working on some key technical skills the overall speed improved significantly as well as their coache’s understanding as to his role and what to focus on, I left them with some points to focus on in the coming weeks until my next visit an they have been following them closely .Their squad also took part in that same event and had an incredible improvement to their performance compared to their previous event ( as seen in the graphs)


Bnei Herzeliya

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