WSA Coaching Hong-Kong

WSA Coaching Hong-Kong

As a part of my work for WSA we recently started coaching a very talented sailor from Hong Kong Jackie Truhol

After Pete trained Jackie Last month in Malaysia, I spent the past 2 weeks coaching Jackie here in Israel. We hit it off very well and I really enjoyed coaching her. a very promising and talented sailor.
Jackie is a very talented and efficient athlete, no time was wasted on the water and all but one day we achieved and exceeded the sessions goals.

Aspects that we covered in her training here was: sail shape and sail trim, center of effort and boat balance to minimize rudder movements, bow steering, how to use a compass, how to effectively pump, how to plan a strategy, how to follow and practice routines, built a fitness program.
Within a very short period of time Jackie improved her speed significantly, She now understands how and why the sail and boat behave and interact, she knows how to use her compass successfully, she knows how to pump effectively and help the boat maintain speed.
All these she had no idea about prior to this!.

What we learnt from training Jackie is a talented sailor with no solid base of knowledge will ever achieve their potential. its a great idea to take inspiration from around you, look at what the top sailors are upto, understand what they are doing differently, and then get yourself a coach who can make it easy for you to understand HOW AND WHY you need specific techniques to be fast and win.

To finish up we had a splendid 20+ knots waves we dedicated to improve her reaching, Watch the video and you can imagine the big smile on her face at the end of it :)

Jackie is now off to the UK for some uni meetings and then a week training with Pete followed by the UK youth nationals in Hayling Island.

Wish them both all the best and hopefully we can get Jackie to a level contending for a medal at the Asian games

Good winds


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